Fred Sathal Haute Couture F/W 2014 at Haute Couture Week
Bed time! #orion #themostinterestingcatintheworld

relationship goals

Babyyyyyy! Let’s go!
me: halloween is coming soon
mom: it's july
me: halloween is coming soon
sunflower-spirit said: if you were getting married, what songs would you play at your wedding? i ask because i'm getting married in a month, and need some more songs on my playlist. you seem to be in a happy, lovey spirit, so you seemed like a good person to ask. much love to you! <3


Aw, I love this question! I’ve had the songs I’ll be playing at my wedding known for years hehe :) here’s a few…

My number one: To Build a Home - the Manchester Orchestra

The Trapeze Swinger - Iron and Wine

Home - Explosions in the Sky

Your Hand in Mine - Explosions in the sky

We found each other in the dark - City and Colour

Towers - Bon Iver

Blood - The Middle East

Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine

Wedding Song - Anais Mitchell